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How to Engage The Senses - Part 2


Making sure that your commercial space is welcoming upon entrance can be make or break for your business. It's crucial to make sure that the noises, music and sounds are appropriate for your space and the vibe that you want to create!

  • Are you a beauty clinic or spa? Try soothing relaxation playlists!

  • Are you a trendy retail store? Put on the Top 40 charts! (don't forget to opt for the SFW options)

  • Are you a high end restaurant? Play classical music or jazz at a low level!

  • Are you a cocktail bar? Some live music can be great for customer interaction!

The most important thing is making sure that the music sets the tone for your business. Ask yourself, how do you want people to feel upon entering your commercial space? Relaxed? Excited? Inquisitive? Whatever it is that you're looking to evoke from your customers, your music can help achieve this.


Does music not speak to your brand identity? Engaging your senses can be done in many different ways. If music doesn't feel appropriate for you, then trust your instincts. Would a water feature provide the perfect sense of tranquility for you? Or maybe other noises of nature?

Whatever it is that you hope to achieve, with some creativity and a strong sense of brand you can find something that is perfect for you and your business!

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